[PATCH v5 0/2] Add p2p via dmabuf to habanalabs

Oded Gabbay ogabbay at kernel.org
Sun Jul 11 14:05:59 UTC 2021

This is v5 of this patch-set following again a long email thread.

It contains fixes to the implementation according to the review that Jason
did on v4. Jason, I appreciate your feedback. If you can take another look
to see I didn't miss anything that would be great.

The details of the fixes are in the changelog in the commit message of
the second patch.

There was one issue with your proposal to set the orig_nents to 0. I did
that, but I also had to restore it to nents before calling sg_free_table
because that function uses orig_nents to iterate.


Oded Gabbay (1):
  habanalabs: define uAPI to export FD for DMA-BUF

Tomer Tayar (1):
  habanalabs: add support for dma-buf exporter

 drivers/misc/habanalabs/Kconfig             |   1 +
 drivers/misc/habanalabs/common/habanalabs.h |  22 +
 drivers/misc/habanalabs/common/memory.c     | 522 +++++++++++++++++++-
 drivers/misc/habanalabs/gaudi/gaudi.c       |   1 +
 drivers/misc/habanalabs/goya/goya.c         |   1 +
 include/uapi/misc/habanalabs.h              |  28 +-
 6 files changed, 570 insertions(+), 5 deletions(-)


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