[APOC] APOC packages for Ubuntu

Alberto Ruiz Alberto.Ruiz at Sun.COM
Mon Jul 14 07:13:23 PDT 2008

Juan Jesús Ojeda Croissier wrote:
> Hi guys! :-)
> I'm new on the maillist, so... Hello to everybody! :-)
Hey Juanje!
> Alberto told me some time ago about this interesting project but I
> couldn't help him so much because of my work and so, but now I'm
> trying.
> Well, the thing is I'm adding the packaging stuff for Ubuntu (actually
> It should work with a few changes on Debian as well) so many people
> could try this interesting project on their Ubuntu boxes.
Thanks a lot! We've been looking forward to see apoc on mainstream Linux 
distributions for a while, nice to see your taking this bullet.
> I've already packaged some of the modules for the client side and some
> depends we need for building those packages such the 'Mozilla LDAP
> Java SDK' or an older version of libdb (the 4.2 one) with Java
> support.
> You can find both packages here (avaibles by apt):
> https://launchpad.net/~juanje/+archive
> And the packages itself from the apoc project are been tested but the
> code with the packaging stuff is on some Bazaar branches on Launchpad:
> https://code.launchpad.net/~juanje/+ownedbranches
> bzr branch lp:~juanje/+junk/mozilla-ldap-java-sdk
> bzr branch lp:~juanje/+junk/gconf-apoc
> bzr branch lp:~juanje/+junk/apoc-agent
> bzr branch lp:~juanje/+junk/apoc-spi
I'll take a look at this sometime this week properly, we've also found a 
few problems during this week and we want to summarize everything and 
make sure that everything goes mainstream. It would be nice if you could 
put this information somewhere in the wikipage now that it's working 
again and point that new page under the Documentation section.
> mozilla-ldap-java-sdk and gconf-apoc build automaticly with no
> problems, but apoc-agent and apoc-spi still have some issues. I guess
> because of some cleaning stuff of the autotools files.
> Also they need to be finished and cleaned up, but they are near to be
> installable and functional on Ubuntu systems.
> I hope you like the idea and can help us a bit with the testing tasks.
I'm really looking forward to see a working out of the box experience 
with APOC on Ubuntu, don't hesitate to poke us here or on IRC
> Thank you for you time :-)
> Cheer
Thank you!

Alberto Ruiz
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