[avahi] autotooling python scripts

Lennart Poettering lennart at poettering.de
Wed Aug 3 06:02:25 EST 2005

On Tue, 02.08.05 21:17, Sebastien Estienne (sebastien.estienne at gmail.com) wrote:

> > Is it just a sample program that illustrates how to use the bindings?
> > If that's the case, it should probably be included in EXTRA_DIST but not
> > installed anywhere.  Distributors can pick it up and put it
> > in /usr/share/doc if they want.

> i think that it may be usefull for end user, it's a graphical tool to 
> browse the network.

Erm. There's a misunderstanding here: Joe was talking of
SimpleGladeApp.py, Sebastien is talking of avahi-discover, right?

avahi-discover (the python version) imports SimpleGladeApp.py. 

Therefore avahi-discover should be put in $(bindir) and
SimpleGladeApp.py in

> But maybe the c implementation on avahi-discover (using the embeded
> responder) may not be installed by default, what do you think? As it
> may conflict with the system mdns responder.

There certainly should be a Debian package for
avahi-discover. Therefore automake should install avahi-discover (the C
version) to $(bindir).

To avoid confusion and because ther may no be two executables of the
same name in $(bindir) avahi-discover (the C version) should be
renamed, though. avahi-discover (the C version) and avahi-discover
(the python version) are completely different programs. One is
emedding its own mDNS stack, the other ist not. They share the same
GUI but the internals are completely different. The former is just a
debugging tool for the administrator, the latter is interesting for
every desktop user.

The question is: what is a good new name for the avahi-discover
(the C version)? avahi-debug-browse, avahi-discover-standalone,
avahi-dnssd-analyze? any suggestions? (i'd vote for


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