[avahi] autotooling python scripts

Sebastien Estienne sebastien.estienne at gmail.com
Wed Aug 3 07:17:14 EST 2005

2005/8/2, Lennart Poettering <lennart at poettering.de>:
> On Tue, 02.08.05 21:17, Sebastien Estienne (sebastien.estienne at gmail.com) wrote:
> > > Is it just a sample program that illustrates how to use the bindings?
> > > If that's the case, it should probably be included in EXTRA_DIST but not
> > > installed anywhere.  Distributors can pick it up and put it
> > > in /usr/share/doc if they want.
> > i think that it may be usefull for end user, it's a graphical tool to
> > browse the network.
> Erm. There's a misunderstanding here: Joe was talking of
> SimpleGladeApp.py, Sebastien is talking of avahi-discover, right?
> avahi-discover (the python version) imports SimpleGladeApp.py.
> Therefore avahi-discover should be put in $(bindir) and
> SimpleGladeApp.py in
> $(datadir)/python2.4/site-packages/avahi/SimpleGladeApp.py.
SimpleGladeApp.py from

Is a great module that simplify usage of glade from python, in my
opinion it should have it's own distro package, but until then we'll
put it in  $(datadir)/python2.4/site-packages/avahi/

> > But maybe the c implementation on avahi-discover (using the embeded
> > responder) may not be installed by default, what do you think? As it
> > may conflict with the system mdns responder.
> There certainly should be a Debian package for
> avahi-discover. Therefore automake should install avahi-discover (the C
> version) to $(bindir).
> To avoid confusion and because ther may no be two executables of the
> same name in $(bindir) avahi-discover (the C version) should be
> renamed, though. avahi-discover (the C version) and avahi-discover
> (the python version) are completely different programs. One is
> emedding its own mDNS stack, the other ist not. They share the same
> GUI but the internals are completely different. The former is just a
> debugging tool for the administrator, the latter is interesting for
> every desktop user.
> The question is: what is a good new name for the avahi-discover
> (the C version)? avahi-debug-browse, avahi-discover-standalone,
> avahi-dnssd-analyze? any suggestions? (i'd vote for
> avahi-discover-standalone)
I'm ok, i can rename it when we are ok with the name

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