[avahi] Release todo list.

Sebastien Estienne sebastien.estienne at gmail.com
Sat Aug 6 21:14:40 EST 2005


Just wanted to make a summary of what is missing to make the first release?
I think we needs some manpages.

And maybe it's time to look for packagers for major distro:
- Debian/Ubuntu
- Gentoo
- Mandriva
- Fedora/Redhat
- Suse/novell

About the version number, i think it should reflect the completness of
the features and the quality of the software.
That's why i'm not sure that we should set use 0.1.

Developpers will have the choice between avahi and howl, and i don't
think the version number reflects the differences between both

That'w why i think we should release at 0.8/0.9 to mean that it's
beta/RC and need wider testing to fix remaining bugs and hit 1.0.

What's your opinion?

Maybe we could fix a release date betwwen mid august and mid september?

Sebastien Estienne

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