[avahi] Release todo list.

Lennart Poettering lennart at poettering.de
Sat Aug 6 22:43:51 EST 2005

On Sat, 06.08.05 13:14, Sebastien Estienne (sebastien.estienne at gmail.com) wrote:

> About the version number, i think it should reflect the completness of
> the features and the quality of the software.
> That's why i'm not sure that we should set use 0.1.
> Developpers will have the choice between avahi and howl, and i don't
> think the version number reflects the differences between both
> software.
> That'w why i think we should release at 0.8/0.9 to mean that it's
> beta/RC and need wider testing to fix remaining bugs and hit 1.0.
> What's your opinion?

Modesty is an exclusive trait.

> Maybe we could fix a release date betwwen mid august and mid
> september?

What about releasing it when it is ready? ;-)

Honestly, we'd be well advised if we'd already release a version
0.1. Though its's a bit late to start with "Release early, release
often". ;-)

The only missing (code) part ist the C client library which I don't
consider essential. Therefore I'd vote for releasing 0.1 this weekend
without libavahi-client. Lathiat, what's the current status of your
work on that library? I haven't seen you on either IRC nor ICQ in a
long time. 

I will write up some simple manpages using xmltoman.


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