[avahi] Release todo list.

Lennart Poettering mzzhgg at 0pointer.de
Sun Aug 7 05:23:54 EST 2005

On Sat, 06.08.05 20:55, Trent Lloyd (lathiat at bur.st) wrote:

> > The only missing (code) part ist the C client library which I don't
> > consider essential. Therefore I'd vote for releasing 0.1 this weekend
> > without libavahi-client. Lathiat, what's the current status of your
> > work on that library? I haven't seen you on either IRC nor ICQ in a
> > long time. 
> Sorry I forgot about #avahi when my client was restarted and I don't
> usually open ICQ.
> Should be ready to go in the next few days, i'd prefer to put off 0.1 to
> say, wednesday.

OK. I'm looking forward to see your code in SVN so that I can get my
hands on it.

> > I will write up some simple manpages using xmltoman.

> Woo. :)

BTW: I am not a native english speaker, but you are. Therefore I'd
like to ask you to have a final look over all documentation shipped
with avahi and the stuff I wrote on the homepage?


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