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Accidentally sent this to Sebastien only.

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Subject: Re: [avahi] Patch for gentoo compilation
Date: Wed, 29 Jun 2005 19:54:49 -0500
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Sebastien Estienne wrote:
> i'll review your patch and commit it (seems to look good).
> About the ebuild i couldn't test it yet.
> But i think that the econf things should be in "src_compile" function
> not in "src_unpack"
> And did you test something like this for installation:
> src_install() {
> 	emake install DESTDIR=${D} || die "install failed"
> }

Well, this does appear to work quite well.  I guess my question is now,
it creates a /usr/include/avahi-{client,core,common} which are empty.
Should they be?  I have no idea what all should actually be installed,
so im going to list what that does by default.

Creates (if they don't exist)

/etc/avahi (and /etc/avahi/services)

which has the following files...

avahi.conf dnsconf.action (in /etc/avahi)
example.service which goes in /etc/avahi/services

A little side note about example.service, I believe if avahi were picked
up by Gentoo for portage, the example.service would be patched or a line
sed'd to change the host-name from fuck.local to something like,
$hostname.local - is that even possible, to have a variable instead of

which has the avahi-dbus.conf file

which has the avahi init script

/usr/bin includes avahi, avahi-discover and avahi-dnsconfd
/usr/include has those empty directories
/usr/lib has


/usr/share/avahi which has the avahi-service.dtd and interfaces
subdirectory which has the glade file.

Am I missing anything else?

Thanks again for the help!

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