[avahi] 64bbit woes with Avahi

Lennart Poettering lennart at poettering.net
Mon Apr 24 14:41:25 PDT 2006


I am writing you because all four of you have posted a 64bit related
patch for avahi. Namely:


Somehow this looks like it is the same problem. However, the patches
contradict each other. I am quite unsure what to do about this
issue. What is the right fix? Is there a way that works for all of us?
i386, ia64, amd64?

I am currently tempted to merge Marcus' patch since it seems to be
what the API docs (notably the man page cmsg(3) on Linux)

Jason, would this break Avahi on ia64? What solution do you suggest?

Please understand that I don't own any 64bit machine (be it ia64 or
amd64), hence I am not going to find a solution that works for all of
us all by myself. I am relying on you to agree on a working fix.

(I am CC'ing this to the Avahi ML, maybe someone wants to join in this


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