[avahi] acx_pthread issues

Lennart Poettering lennart at poettering.net
Mon Aug 21 13:18:55 PDT 2006

Sjoerd, and everyone else who had to do with our copy of

We have a new bug report about that file:


Long time ago we had this bug report of you, Sjoerd, which is
somewhat related:


And of course we had this posting of yours regarding the same issue:


I'd like to update our copy of acx_pthread.m4 to the current pristine
version from the autoconf archive. Before I do that however, I would
like to know if this breaks MIPS/MIPSel builds or any other builds.

Sjoerd, could you please check this? Unfortunately I do not have
access to a MIPS machine. Just copy
http://autoconf-archive.cryp.to/acx_pthread.m4 into
common/acx_pthread.m4 and rerun "bootstraph.sh".

Thank you very much!


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