[avahi] Problem resolving service without TXT records

Lennart Poettering lennart at poettering.net
Fri May 5 15:10:24 PDT 2006

On Fri, 05.05.06 15:43, Mihai Ibanescu (misa+avahi at redhat.com) wrote:

> > > try to resolve (using unicast DNS) a service that does not have a TXT record,
> > > it will fail. It seems to need an empty TXT record at the very
> > > least.
> > 
> > An SRV record without a matching TXT record is not a valid DNS-SD
> > service, hence Avahi will treat this as an error. If you don't need
> > the TXT record, than set it a single empty string.
> Ah, I was able to find that, but it's kind of buried in the specs.
> http://files.dns-sd.org/draft-cheshire-dnsext-dns-sd.txt section 6:
>    Every DNS-SD service MUST have a TXT record in
>    addition to its SRV record, with same name, even if the service has
>    no additional data to store and the TXT record contains no more than
>    a single zero byte.
> Not a bug, sorry for wasting your time.

There is a bug: Avahi shouldn't return a Timeout error code when the
TXT record is missing. On mDNS this makes sense, but on unicast DNS it

I create a Trac Ticket for this, so that I don't forget it:



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