[avahi] bonjour ie plugin & avahi (netbios)

Chris McHarg chris.mcharg at gmail.com
Wed May 24 04:41:01 PDT 2006

This isn't strictly about Avahi, but I thought I'd give it a shot here

I've been working with Avahi on linux machines and using Apple's ie bonjour
plugin (on winxp) to browse the published http services.  I noticed that
each page access would take relatively long time to return... around 3 secs.

Looking at the packet dump, it seems that windows issues NBNS queries
(NetBIOS) for the Avahi published .local hostname, and spends a second or
two waiting for replies.

The two ways I can think of to get around this is to either turn off NetBios
on the windows side, or maybe run nmbd on the linux side.  However, I think
both options have problems... turning off NetBios disables windows work
group display, etc, and there'd have to be some sort of system for passing
the current published .local hostname to nmbd.

Has anyone else got any ideas on this?


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