[avahi] Newbie to avahi, minimum install reqs?

Simo Hosio zion at ee.oulu.fi
Tue Feb 6 19:08:41 PST 2007

Hi to all,

I am intending to start using ovahi on MAEMO platform (Nokia 770 & N800 
Internet tablets, based on Debian Linux). And the initial problem is that I 
am not too familiar with Linux / C environment :)

I am able to install maemo libraries needed for running mDNS SD from ARMEL 
packages found elsewhere(avahi-daemon, libavahi-client3, 
libavahi-common-data, libavahi-common3 and libavahi-core4).

However, I suppose I need the libavahi-client-dev also installed in my 
developer environment (using scratchbox). I have tried poking it around 
manually, copying the headers to /usr/include and the .pc file for 
pkgdonfig to /usr/lib/pkgconfig... Is this enough? Or how do I do it the 
"right" way, i.e. does Avahi package contain a handy way to install single 
components from sources, since ARMEL packages are not available.

What do I need to do in order to make e.g. the client-browse, and 
client-publish working? Meaning the basic examples at avahi homepages.. 
compiling them with "gcc client-browse-services.c `pkg-config avahi-client 
--cflags --libs'" just says:

cannot find -lavahi-common

so obviously something needs more setupping :) My usr/lib has the following 
avahi components:


I would dearly appreciate any help in this, since I think Avahi would do a 
great job running on those lightweight devices also. Canola media player 
at least uses it already on Maemo platform, and I Wish to do the same.

Best Regards,
Simo Hosio

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