[avahi] Check unit testing for Avahi

Lennart Poettering lennart at poettering.net
Mon May 28 15:32:03 PDT 2007

On Thu, 17.05.07 13:20, Emanuele Aina (faina.mail at tiscali.it) wrote:

> Trying to get confidence with the codebase I've added support for the 
> Check unit testing system (http://check.sf.net) to Avahi.

Just a small heads-up:

I have not yet looked into this, but I will definitely look into this
for the next Avahi release. Which will take a while, however.

Please keep up your good work. 

Any chance to convince you to stick your stuff to a slightly more
... conventional VCS? One that I can actually use without investing 3h
in reading docs? I am lazy bastard and don't want to learn yet
another VCS. I already learned a little bit too many: rcs, cvs, svn,
git, bk. Right now I don't feel that mercurial is missing in that
list. ;-)

Maybe git?

> I've ported some of the test program in -core and -common, making them 
> fully automated (no printf).
> As I have only a 56K I work offline more often than not, and I've put my 
> work in a mercurial (http://selenic.com/mercurial) repository available 
> at http://techn.ocracy.org/avahi-check/. From the main page at 
> http://techn.ocracy.org you can download a tarball if you prefer.
> Otherwise, to get a patch versus the latest imported SVN revision use this:
> hg clone http://techn.ocracy.org/avahi-check/
> cd avahi-check
> hg diff -r upstream

Thanks for you work,


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