[avahi] Selective interface publishing?

Lennart Poettering lennart at poettering.net
Tue Nov 20 09:31:06 PST 2007

On Tue, 06.11.07 21:17, Guang Yang (yg_cn at yahoo.com) wrote:

> Hi everyone,  I am new to Avahi and would like to know if this is possible:
> """
>   PC #1 has a network interface wlan0 and an alias wlan0:0
>   wlan0 =
>   wlan0:0 =
>   PC #2 also has wlan0 and wlan0:0
>   wlan0 =
>   wlan0:0 =
> When I run Avahi and nss-mdns on both PCs, they seem to collide due
> to duplicate wlan0:0 =, thus don't see each other in
> "avahi-browse -a". I want to configure Avahi such that both PCs only
> publish wlan0 and hide wlan0:0. Is it possible by changing
> avahi-daemon.conf? Generally, is there a way to do selective
> interface publishing in Avahi?  """

"Alias" interfaces do not exist on Linux anymore (and haven't since
2.2 times or so). All you can do is label your IP addresses on the
interfaces. For legacy tools like "ifconfig" this will then show up as
as "alias" interface. But this is only a kludge. Use "ip addr" to get
the real configuration of your interfaces.

Avahi will take the first public IP address it finds for each
interface. We do not distuingish between labeled and unlabeled
addresses. It is not defined which one is considered the "first" IP

I am not sure what you are trying to do with your setup. Why are you
configuring the same IP address on two hosts? Looks like a call for

No, right now Avahi does not allow configuration of local IP addresses
or interfaces to ignore. Patches welcome.

You can make Avahi ignore certain interfaces by dropping the MULTICAST
flag from the interface. But again, this won't work on your setup,
since you only have a single interface with two ip addresses, one
begin labeled, one not.

See FAQ #10.


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