[avahi] Automatically do something, when a service has been published?

Michael Schmarck michael.schmarck at habmalnefrage.de
Sun Aug 24 04:00:36 PDT 2008


2008/8/23 Trent Lloyd <lathiat at bur.st>

> Avahi doesn't support anything like this right now (some kind of
> 'callout' based script for services appearing/disappearing)

Too bad.

By chance - does mDNSresponder support that?

> You would need to write a new program making use of the Avahi API that
> did this.

Uhm, well, I suppose I'll just have cron call a script regularly.

> Of course while mounting NFS mounts may seem useful.. actually
> stopping or starting portmap etc seems silly.. why not just leave it
> running?

Well, I don't need portmap for anything else, so why leave it
running? The less stuff that runs, the better.

But you're right in so far, as portmap is well tested and doesn't
consume much memory. OTOH, if I'm already stopping/starting
stuff, why not stop portmap as well? But you're right - it's a bit
silly; matters of priniciple are often somewhat silly :)

Cheers and thanks a lot,

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