[avahi] Auto-ip configuring for ad-hoc network application

Furkan ÇALIŞKAN caliskanfurkan at gmail.com
Fri Jul 4 10:17:10 PDT 2008


I'm developing ad-hoc support for Pardus GNU/Linux's network manager with
Qt4 and Python. While doing that, when I finished the main parts of the app
I can now connect computers with each other giving ip numbers to them
manually. My code is first changing client's interface mode to ad-hoc, gives
it a ip and mask then gives necessary encryption things and up the
interface. With this, they (for ex: I did this to 2 computer) can ping each
other. But then I realized that, in Windows you don't have to give ip
address manualy for p2p (ad-hoc) connecting. You just create a wireless
ad-hoc network and connect to it from others. All ip things are done
automatic. For doing that on my app, I googled a little and read a little
about avahi-autoipd. I thing this is for me. I studied a little bit on it.
But now, I have no idea how the manage/apply this stuff to my manual working
code. When I run "avahi-autoipd -D --force-bind eth1" in my code, it creates
an inteface named eth1:avah. But my old operations (mode changing,
encryption thins) is being done on eth1 so that it must give ip to eth1 not
eth1:avah. (ps: it is not an obsession :) because interface name is comes
from an other part of app)

How can I handle this and what else do you offer?
Thanks for any help.

Furkan Çalışkan
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