[avahi] Is it possible to have multiple names for a host

Alan Chandler alan at chandlerfamily.org.uk
Mon Apr 13 06:36:42 PDT 2009

At the moment I have a network at home with the internet gateway being a 
debian server, with a dhcp and name server for the network.

I am planning on retiring this server as the main internet gateway and 
replacing it with a standard broadband router.  This router will have 
dhcp server to allocate ip addresses on the home network, but it won't 
be able (I don't think) to be able to act as a name server for the local 

Instead I was thinking of using nss-mdns to resolve the names.  What I 
think happens now is the name in /etc/hostname is used to provide the 
name for each local machine.  However, in my current setup, I use CNAME 
records in my dns server to allocate additional names to each host.  
This allows some of them to run local apache servers, with named virtual 
hosts.  I would like to do something similar on my new setup.

Is it possible therefore, for each machine to define for itself several 
names to be resolved within the .local domain?  If so how.

Alan Chandler

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