[avahi] My own service on Avahi

Trent Lloyd lathiat at bur.st
Mon May 18 18:09:57 PDT 2009


On 19/05/2009, at 3:26 AM, fgatuno.123 at gmail.com wrote:

> Hi again,
> I'm a C programer, wondering with an client-server aplication, but  
> the main problem is, how the "publish" the server. I was thinking  
> that I can use avahi to publish the service, and the clients can  
> search the service with avahi too, but, Can I publish my own  
> services?. For example, a service named "cdt.tcp" that use the port  
> xxxx

Yes you are free to use whatever service name you wish.

_cdt._tcp would be fine - I recommend you check the list of already  
'registered' services at dns-sd.org:

This is not really authorative, but it's the most authorative..

Try to be considerate and don't use what might be a common/confusing  
name or acronym.


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