[avahi] Disappearing and reappearing service if a text is changed

Florian Erfurth f.erfurth at reel-multimedia.com
Mon May 25 06:57:21 PDT 2009

Hi, I wrote two applications (1 for server and 1 for client). On
Server-Side a service-file (in /etc/avahi/services/...) is written if
service-text is changed. Sometimes on Client I got such DEBUG-Info:
avahithread.c(203): service REMOVE: service='Floh' type='_boxMySQL._tcp'
avahithread.c(195): NEW: service='Floh' type='_boxMySQL._tcp' domain='local'

Which means, the service disappeared and reappeared which is really ugly
for clients. :( It would help me if you could tell me why this happens
(and maybe how it can be avoided).
And seldom such bad thing happens (which must not happen :( ):
(Resolver) Failed to resolve service 'Floh' of type '_boxMySQL._tcp' in
domain 'local': Timeout reached

Is there a way to get out why Timeout is reached?
cu Floh

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