[avahi] Disappearing and reappearing service if a text is changed

Florian Erfurth f.erfurth at reel-multimedia.com
Wed May 27 06:47:54 PDT 2009

Lennart Poettering schrieb:
> On Tue, 26.05.09 12:12, Florian Erfurth (f.erfurth at reel-multimedia.com) wrote:
>> Florian Erfurth schrieb:
>>> And seldom such bad thing happens (which must not happen :( ):
>>> (Resolver) Failed to resolve service 'Floh' of type '_boxMySQL._tcp' in
>>> domain 'local': Timeout reached
>> Hi, I found out, after timeout avahi tells me the host does have such 
>> address like "" which is wrong (true: ""). 
>> Where the hell does avahi get such address? And why does it happen?
> That's an IPv4LL address. It gets assigned by avahi-autoipd or a
> similar tool. Most modern systems use it as fallback when no manual
> configuration and no DHCP is available.
Umm... on Server the IP is set manually to so it has a 
fixed address. This is why I'm wondering about the IPv4LL address 
displayed on client. How can I get rid of this?
Sometime I just got "169.254.9.XXX". (this is bad)
Sometime I got "169.254.9.XXX" and after some seconds I got 
"". (this is ok)

cu Floh

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