[avahi] Resolution of names to IPv6 link-local addresses

Paul Aurich paul at darkrain42.org
Fri Mar 5 18:31:07 PST 2010

I'm seeing two issues with the resolution of names to IPv6 link-local

The current behavior (with Debian's 0.6.25-3 package) is that
`avahi-resolve-host-name -6` returns a timeout (tcpdump confirms the
lookups are sent out and responses received; resolution from Mac OS X
works correctly).  Debian's package contains
(which looked like the only relevant patch).

With pristine 0.6.25 (i.e. not including that patch), the resolution
works well, so I think this patch is broken (it looks a lot like it's
throwing away all responses for link-local addresses).

Even after fixing the timeout, once I've modified /etc/nsswitch.conf (to
include mdns(6?)_minimal and mdns(6?)), "ping6 durkon.local" fails with
Invalid argument, because neither avahi nor nss-mdns append the
interface identifier to the link-local address (sayeth strace +
examining the nss-mdns source).  Is this an issue with avahi or nss-mdns?


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