[avahi] Resolution of names to IPv6 link-local addresses

Ernesto Silva erniesilva at gmail.com
Sat Mar 6 06:36:22 PST 2010

Hi Paul, ping6 needs the "-I eth0" parameter, change eth0 and put the name
of your interface.

For the first part try to use wireshark, sniff the network traffic and see
if the mdns queries ask for "A" (ipv4) or "AAAA" (ipv6) records.

There are more than one method to resolve name into IP address, to be sure
to use your nsswitch.conf configuration please try with "getent hosts
durkon.local" and tell us how it works.

Don't forget to use wireshark in every try to see what really happens.

Best regards,

> Even after fixing the timeout, once I've modified /etc/nsswitch.conf (to
> include mdns(6?)_minimal and mdns(6?)), "ping6 durkon.local" fails with
> Invalid argument, because neither avahi nor nss-mdns append the
> interface identifier to the link-local address (sayeth strace +
> examining the nss-mdns source).  Is this an issue with avahi or nss-mdns?
> Thanks,
> ~Paul
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