[avahi] Only IPv6 services are visible

Ernesto Silva erniesilva at gmail.com
Fri Mar 12 14:47:39 PST 2010

Marc, as I understand the hosts line of your nsswitch.conf file is wrong,

     hosts: files dns

and should include the mdns support as in:

    hosts: files dns mdns

Perhaps you'll have to swap 'dns' and 'mdns' to change the resolution order.

This line affect the name resolution from outside the avahi daemon so the
resolver can query it, I don't know if it affect the avahi daemon itself.

Other options are mdns4 (ipv4 only), mdns6 (ipv6 only), mdns_minimal (both
v4 and v6), mdns4_minimal (ipv4 only), mdns6_minimal (ipv6 only)

I'm using it on an ubuntu installation, I've never used gentoo but it should
be the same.

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