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Michael Jeung jeungster at gmail.com
Thu Jul 7 17:34:04 PDT 2011


I'm new to avahi and I'm struggling with a problem: Under what circumstances
will an avahi record disappear from avahi-browse?

Here's my setup:

I've got a board that has two PPCs.  Each PPC is running a cross-compiled
avahi-daemon, version 0.6.30 with dbus enabled.
On a separate workstation, I'm running "avahi-browse -ra"

Turning on the avahi-daemon for the first PPC works as expected. An avahi
record gets published to my network and it shows up on avahi-browse:

+   eth1 IPv4 FooApplication                      _service._tcp       local
=   eth1 IPv4 FooApplication                      _service._tcp       local
   hostname = [my-foo-hostname.local]
   address = []
   port = [50067]
   txt = ["property1=abcd" "property2=abcd" "property3=abcd"]

When I turn on the avahi-daemon for the second power pc, the second
avahi-record is published as expected:

+   eth1 BarApplication                           _service._tcp       local
=   eth1 BarApplication                           _service._tcp       local
   hostname = [my-bar-hostname.local]
   address = []
   port = [39113]
   txt = ["property1=abcd" "property2=abcd" "property3=abcd"]

However, a few seconds after I turn on the second avahi-daemon, the first
avahi record disappears:

-   eth1 IPv4 FooApplication                       _service._tcp       local

If I then restart the avahi-daemon on the first power pc, the opposite
happens: The first avahi record (Foo) returns and the second avahi record
(Bar) disappears from avahi-browse.

I'm trying to understand what would cause this behavior.  What causes an
avahi-record to disappear from avahi-browse?   It seems to me that my
avahi-daemons are interfering with one another, even though they are running
on separate devices.   Thoughts?

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