[avahi] Linsys E4200: Received response with invalid source port

Christiano F. Haesbaert haesbaert at haesbaert.org
Mon Jul 18 10:43:22 PDT 2011

The source port for MDNS must be 5353 if not a unicast legacy query/answer.

This is a MUST in the MDNS draft.

On 18 July 2011 11:50, Eric Martel <shrodi+avahi at gmail.com> wrote:
> (Please tell me if this is not the good place to ask this question)
> Hi,
> I just changed my router from a D-Link DI-624 to a Cisco Linksys E4200.
> Almost instantly, all of my Linux syslogs (I run many computers on my
> network, some Mandriva, others Ubuntu, different versions) began being
> clogged (every 30 seconds) with messages such as the following:
>    Jul 18 08:53:42 myhost avahi-daemon[7054]: Received response from
> host with invalid source port 32768 on interface 'eth1.0'
> where is the address of the router.
> The only apparently relevant post I found on the Internet is at
> http://homecommunity.cisco.com/t5/Wireless-Routers/Received-response-from-host-router-IP-address-with-invalid/td-p/405931,
> with an interesting and detailed technical insight at what might be
> going wrong, but with no solution offered. This post hints at errors
> that would be both on the side of the router and Avahi (but I can't tell
> since I'm a total newb in that mDNS thingy).
> Contacting Linksys tech support was (big surprise...) a dead end for me,
> so I thought I might turn for your help guys: is there anything I can do
> from the avahi-daemon point of view to at least prevent that specific
> message from clogging my syslogs, but without disabling avahi-daemon
> since I use it? Or can anybody think of something (generally speaking) I
> could configure on the router to prevent this?
> Thanks!
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