[avahi] reflector in topology with loops

maxd at inwind.it maxd at inwind.it
Mon Sep 19 09:33:10 PDT 2011

I have a local network with ad-hoc topology. Linux nodes have multiple network 
interfaces and act both as data sources/receivers and as IP routers. Each 
network segment is connected to just two nodes, like a point-to-point Ethernet 
link. The network topology may contain loops. I would like to use mDNS and DNS-
SD in this scenario. 
My question is: can I use the mDNS reflector to have mDNS span over multiple 
network segments which are not bridged together ? Is the reflector being 
capable of managing loops?
In case not, what would you recommend to have (almost) zeroconf name 
resolution and service discovery? Dynamic DNS + DNS-SD wide area?

Thanks a lot for your help,

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