[avahi] Record too large, cannot send

Harvey, Edward Edward.Harvey at analog.com
Fri Sep 23 08:17:31 PDT 2011

I am running Ubuntu Oneiric (beta 1) amd64, fully updated
netatalk 2.2~beta4-1
avahi-autoipd 0.6.30-4ubuntu1
avahi-daemon 0.6.30-4ubuntu1
avahi-utils 0.6.30-4ubuntu1

Trying to configure server as a time machine server.  Working great so far, but only up to 20.  As soon as I add the 21st share, they all disappear.  I can still connect to the shares via netatalk (go into Finder, type in afp://tmserver), but the bonjour/avahi information disappears, so the target no longer appears in the Time Machine "Select Disk" dialog.

When I watch the syslog with 20 versus 21 shares enabled in netatalk, the following is the clear differentiating factor.  At 21 users, I get this message:
Sep 23 05:17:40 tmserver avahi-daemon[1042]: Record too large, cannot send

Any ideas how to resolve this problem?


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