[avahi] Record too large, cannot send

JOna Brax jblistat at sll.fi
Thu Nov 8 06:27:03 PST 2012

07.11.2012 18:50, JOna Brax kirjoitti:
> Hi,
> I found this same bug when I tried to add my 21st TimeMacine-client to
> Ubuntu-12.04 netatalk afp fileserver.
> I scanned the avahi-mailarchive from 2011 to this day and the last time
> this problem was mentioned seemed to be on Mon Oct 3 2011.
> I would like to add ten more TimeMachine-clients, so any information
> about a fix or a workaround to this problem would be highly appreciated.
> JOna

I had to invent something so here is my current workaround.
I divided all my clients to three categories:

1) persons who need high security, and custom quota: they all have their 
own account and server, max 18

2) persons with small quota and no need for high security: they all 
share the account tm1, volsizelimit:80000

3) persons with big quota and no need for high security: they all share 
the account tm2, volsizelimit:160000

With this scema I can now serve 40 TM-clients.


>>> From: avahi-bounces+edward.harvey=analog.com at lists.freedesktop.org
>>> [mailto:avahi-bounces+edward.harvey=analog.com at lists.freedesktop.org]
>>> On Behalf Of Harvey, Edward
>>> I tracked this down through the source code, and found the
>>> AvahiDnsPacket
>>> has a property called max_size, which gets set based on the system
>>> mtu.  So I
>>> changed the system mtu (tried increasing from 1500 to 1600) and
>>> restarting
>>> avahi-daemon and netatalk...
>>> The log message disappeared (No more avahi-daemon "Record too large,
>>> cannot send" appearing in the syslog) but the client still cannot see
>>> the
>>> server with 21 shares or more.  (Again, yes can browse afp:// but no,
>>> does
>>> not populate list via bonjour)
>>> So I'm hoping someone might have some more useful information or
>>> suggestions...
>> Would anybody else care to reproduce this bug?  It's surprising to me
>> that I'm the first person in the multiverse trying to use more than 20
>> time machine clients on a single backup server...
>> Based on what I've experienced, I'm going to draw the conclusion that
>> it is indeed a bug.  Even if I'm not going to work on it myself, I'd
>> like to make sure it's reported to the proper authorities.  Is this
>> mailing list the best place?  Is there a bug tracker somewhere?
>> Thanks...

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