[avahi] How to avoid make install directories being built into avahi-daemon?

Olle Blomgren ollemblomgren at gmail.com
Sun Nov 18 18:04:26 PST 2012


I'm cross compiling your code for use in an embedded Linux
environment. My build system works like this:
 I extract all source code in packages and place all of them in a
root directory, eg:


When I run make int the root dir all packages are built and
installed in a target directory, eg:
To achieve step 2 use configure --prefix=/home/olle/myrootdir/target

The final step is to build the complete firmware by assemble all
files and directories in my target directory
(/home/olle/myrootdir/target/) into a firmware image.

Unfortunately, the path I use as installation path is automatically
looked up when the avahi-daemon is run on the target device. The
configuration file, for example has been placed in its proper place
which is: /etc/avahi/... BUT the avahi-daemon looks for it in
/home/olle/myrootdir/target/etc/avahi/avahai-daemon.conf which of
course will fail.

I know I can use the -f switch, but then I get stuck on the pid file
directory /home/olle/myrootdir/target/var/run/...

What is the best way of getting around this issue? Is it a simple
configure parameter I can't find or understand?

Thanks in advance

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