[avahi] Control services advertisement on multi-homed avahi server

Jason Chan szeho.chan at utoronto.ca
Thu Dec 12 09:58:45 PST 2013


We are attempting to use avahi to manually advertise the mDNS services to our wireless controllers and redistribute these services to our wireless users based on the policies configured on the controllers.

Currently, avahi is advertising the services to the wireless controller on a single VLAN, and it works very well in a small scale environment when the number of advertising devices are small.  But this solution is not scalable as publishing services on a single VLAN prevents us to setup a granular service control policies on  the wireless controller because policies can only be defined on VLAN basis  (i.e. service A can only be advertised on VLAN A but not on other VLANs).

Also, I can expect more than 200 AirPlay and AirPrint services to be advertised on campus; If we are going to advertise all of them, the list to choose from on iTunes and iPads would be extremely large.

Would it be possible for avahi to define which services can be advertise on what interface?  For instance, I'd like to advertise Airplay.1 and Airplay.2 only on eth1 but Airplay3 on eth3?

Any suggestions would be much appreciated.



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