[avahi] Using parameters priority and weight (RFC 2782)

Simon simon.hartmann at gmx.de
Thu Oct 17 00:19:27 PDT 2013

Hello everybody,

I want to use the DNS RR parameters priority and weight with DNS-SD as they 
are defined in RFC 2782.

The goal is to have several machines/services in a Network with the exact 
same functionality, but being able to control which one is used for a 
request (and only that one as long as it is available!). The devices will 
be configured to know which priority they shell publish for themselves. So 
e.g. if there is more than one printer available, I could define in which 
order they are used. That should be the exact purpose of priority and 
weight. But those parameters seem not to be available through the API.

Did anyone work on those parameters already?



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