[avahi] Package: Avahi-daemon 0.6.31 failed apple bonjour test SRV probing/Announcements

Balaji X. Srinivas bxsrinivas at lutron.com
Mon Jan 12 12:39:53 PST 2015


We are working on to support Apple bonjour conformance test-1.3.0 and test fails with avahi version 0.6.31 for test case - SRV PROBING/ANNOUNCEMENTS. This test fails both on IPV4 and IPV6. And the configured network package - dhcpcd-6.6.4.

After parsing all logs(Wireshark, apple PC and Linux PC syslog), and looks like Avahi  does not support a particular scenario in which Apple bonjour conformance test looks for. And also confirmed Apple test is in line with the RFC 6762 document for a special use-case(resolving SRV names on power up).

Below is the bug description,

Apple MAC with Bonjour conformance test - 1.3.0 (latest OS x)
Apple airport (latest version)
Linux device(PC) (AM335x)

Configure all above devices to communicate on link local mode.

1) Start Avahi  bonjour conformance test on APPLE PC and Power ON Linux device with Avahi -0.6.31 and with _ssh._tcp.local service file

2) First Linux device sends SRV initial probe message on link and followed by apple test sends same SRV (Linux device) question on link,
       example:(commands on wire shark)
        Linux Device sends -> Who has "SSH" SRV QM question?
        Apple Bonjour Conformance Test -> Who has "SSH" SRV QM question?

3) Then after this there is no message from Linux device on network and Apple test expecting new SRV probe message from device.
      And so conformance test failed, since device couldn't able to send new SRV probe message with new name for service "SSH"

4) After parsing log files found that,
   Avahi -daemon logged service with new name ("SSH #2") in log file and could not publish/probe SRV message on network.

  Linux device syslog messages,
      Loading service file /etc/Avahi /services/ssh.service
      Service name conflict for "SSH" (/etc/Avahi /services/ssh.service), retrying with "SSH #2).


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