[cairo] Font interface problem

Banlu Kemiyatorn id at project-ile.net
Mon Apr 5 02:55:53 PDT 2004


> The current implementation tries to be consistent with both
> conventional origins simultaneously. Would it be more consistent or
> less surprising to stick to an upper-left origin everywhere, even for
> text? I don't know.

I too, want the origin at the bottom-left, since Cocoa, GNUstep, *step
have been using that for years ;8) (plus that I cannot translate/scale correctly
without having to know the device's geometry first, thus, not that I can live
with this, it's fine.)

> My inclination is to wait until we get plenty of feedback from users
> of the text interface. I'm sure they'll let us know what they
> hate. (And thanks Maarten for letting us know already).

I don't know if I like glyph_t to have both x,y in it. In openstep framework
we use an array of glyphs that only contain the index value. It's the typesetters
that will find the positions of the glyphs so I really wonder if letting users
to fill the glyphs' positions by themselves is actually the right design. (Using this
internally is understandable but I think making x,y in glyph_t visible is confusing)



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