[cairo] Modifying images in a libsvg tree.

Bob Jamison rjamison at titan.com
Wed Aug 11 10:40:44 PDT 2004


For the last few weeks, I have been working on embedding
libsvg-cairo in things like a Gtk window and Tcl/Tk.

My project requires a bit of interactivity, so I must use the
internal types defined in svgint.h.

When a user clicks on an svg image, I am able to get the
x,y of the click, transform to cairo coordinates, and find the
id and svg_element_t * of the element that is the target of the
mouse action.

Here is my next challenge:
Does anyone know the best way to change the "xlink:href"
attribute of an svg_image_t element (in memory), and redraw it?
Everything else in the svg doc should stay the same, and not
require a reload.

This simple interactivity would be enough to convince the
rest of the programmers in this shop, and the customer, too,
of the merits of SVG and Cairo.

If anyone knows, I would greatly appreciate it!!

By the way, I often haunt Jabber/inkscape at conference.gristle.org,
and #inkscape on irc.freenode.net, and sometimes stumble into
#cairo as <ishmal>.

And thanks to <cworth> for all of the help so far!

Bob Jamison
Titan Corp

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