[cairo] Re: Switching to Evas Canvas over LGPL

M. Evans datafeedNOSPAM at gmx.net
Mon Aug 16 02:31:49 PDT 2004

> I meant it when I said it's all about freedom.

> Please choose and use the software you see fit.
> -Carl

Carl - no one said you didn't mean it, and I will choose the software 
that I see fit.  Now, will you please answer my actual question?

Carsten has kindly offered constrast/comparison with Cairo on several 
forums such as OSNews.  He also offers lots of documents, which I 
linked.  The Smoke Vector Graphics crew presents comparison/contrast 
with various projects on their web site.  It is hard (from documents 
only) to place Cairo in relation.

Evas, and Enlightenment generally, is massively impressive, and has a 
reasonably large team, but I would like to hear a technical breakdown 
from the Cairo group.  Having talked to Carsten (aka Rasterman) you 
probably have compared notes.

Immediate mode vs. scene graph is an obvious point of difference (scene 
graphs save tedious programming labor and are higher level abstractions) 
but I am looking more at baseline drawing capabilities, transformations, 
etc. as well as X dependency issues.


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