[cairo] Memory issues?

Rajeev rajeev.cse at gmail.com
Tue Apr 11 01:22:09 PDT 2006

hi guys,
Im an evolution hacker, adding cairo support to UI of evolution
calendar,. I love cairo and the wide variety of cool API's it
provides,. Im having few issues which i list here,

1. Is the cairo API documentation has complete list of what cairo API
offers? [http://www.cairographics.org/manual]. Because API's like
which are so important in the present design of evolution UI are
missing out in the available online documentation, which is very much
a matter of concern, if its not, when can i expect that to be

2.So, this is how, i create a cairo context for use with the other cairo API's
gdk_cairo_create (drawable)
drawable is nothing but a GdkDrawable object.
After i completely drawing the UI
refer :
i can see the UI hitting the maximum memory consumption for rendering
it which was not there earlier.
With what i referred to, i can cairo API provides, good rendering over
the X Window
System and in-memory image buffers.
Is there any known issues for that?
If necessary i can send the code as well, which i added here to the UI
and i am so desperate to get that solved soon, :)

with regards,
A cairo lover

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