[cairo] Re: cairo gradients

Jonathan Watt jwatt at jwatt.org
Wed Apr 19 19:06:21 PDT 2006

David Reveman wrote:
> On Wed, 2006-04-19 at 15:35 +0100, Jonathan Watt wrote:
>> I'm not clear on what this means for Mozilla. Does this mean that cairo isn't 
>> going to clamp the smaller circle, and so the clamping will need to happen in 
>> Mozilla code? I don't mind either way, but I'd like to know whether I need to 
>> provide a clamping patch for Mozilla.
> Well it means you don't have to clamp at all if you don't want to. Cairo
> will provide well defined results for values that are not clamped.

Clamping is necessary because the SVG specification explicitly requires it. The 
undefined results are a separate issue. I've now patched Mozilla to clamp the 
focal point, but we will still get strange rendering if the focal point ends up 
being *on* the circumference of the outer circle. That requires a fix in cairo.


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