[cairo] Cairo on embedded device

Torsten Mohr tmohr at s.netic.de
Wed Aug 8 06:28:26 PDT 2007


> I think you should read the LGPL more closely. In section 6 you are
> given 5 options and you are only required to do at least one of
> them. Not linking statically is option (b) "Use a suitable shared
> library mechanism". But you're not forced to do that. Supplying object
> code is part of option (a) "Accompany the work with...object code
> and/or source code, so that the user can modify the Library and then
> relink to produce a modified executable containing the modified
> Library."

good hint, i'll do that.  But as always with lawyer text, there's room
for misunderstandings.

> So option (a) does not exclude static linking anyway I can read it,
> (as long as you provide the user with enough to relink a modified
> version of cairo to produce the modified executable).

That is good news, so linking dynamically is enough?  That would be

> Did you miss that cairo is made available under either the LGPL
> (version 2.1) or the MPL (version 1.1), at your choice?

No, that would also be fine.  But i'd also need to read this one
closer then.

Thanks for your hints,

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