[cairo] Cairo on embedded device

Jan Struyf jan.struyf at cs.kuleuven.be
Wed Aug 8 07:00:29 PDT 2007

> That is good news, so linking dynamically is enough?  That would be 
> perfect.

Yes it is. LGPL (*not* GPL) was especially designed such that libraries 
such as Cairo can be used in, e.g., closed-source software. There are two 
common options:

(a) Dynamically link to Cairo; then you only need to distribute your 
binary executable.

(b) Statically link to Cairo; then you also need to clearly describe how 
users can obtain the object files of your application. This is required 
because users should be able to relink your application with a newer or 
modified version of Cairo.

Of course, if you modify Cairo itself and distribute the modified library, 
then you should also be willing to distribute the source code of those 

Hope this helps a bit.

Best Regards,


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