[cairo] cairo and gdk/X11

Tamas K Papp tpapp at Princeton.EDU
Tue Jun 12 04:42:21 PDT 2007

On Mon, Jun 11, 2007 at 05:27:05PM +0300, Kalle Vahlman wrote:

> I don't think that's really true (depending on the definition of
> "mess" of course), at least Andrew Cowie had an enlightening blog post
> about this recently:
> http://research.operationaldynamics.com/blogs/andrew/software/gnome-desktop/gtk-thread-awareness.html

Thanks for the link.  I am using threads provided by the Lisp
implementation, and didn't want to deal with the possible quirks.

> With the X Damage extension you can receive events from the X server
> whenever a pixmap (or a window) is "damaged", ie. it has been drawn
> to. You can then clear the damage state and update the contents.
> You can get hints on how to use it from this nice composite tutorial:
>  http://ktown.kde.org/~fredrik/composite_howto.html

This is really neat.  It almost works now, except that Damage events
are not received when the window is passive, only when I click on it:
then the window gets an expose event and a damage event immediately
after.  Suggestions would be appreciated, I attached the C code.

Another thing: how can I disable the resizing of the window?


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