[cairo] Wanted features in Cairo.

Rafael Villar Burke pachi at rvburke.com
Tue Jun 26 02:37:20 PDT 2007

Jeff Muizelaar wrote:
> Miguel de Icaza <miguel <at> ximian.com> writes:
>> * Line caps
>>     A feature that we are currently missing is the ability to use
>> different line caps for the beginning and end of a drawing.   Cairo
>> currently only offers one option: cairo_set_line_cap and we would need
>> to have separate versions for the beginning and end.
> What would dashing look like? Something like:
> [==) [==) [==)
> where the start cap is butt and the end cap is round?
I suppose what he's meaning is being able to use arrowheads pointing to 
a different direction for each end and other asymmetric symbols, like 
those used for dimension lines.



Rafael Villar Burke

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