[cairo] strange trapezoid produced by cairo

kammal kamalneet at gmail.com
Mon Jun 2 03:04:57 PDT 2008

> Hi,
> It's a little annoying I can't test for the bug using the client
> side API.  Filling is masked by pixman as mentioned before, and
> cairo_in_fill() doesn't expose it either.  Below is a patch that
> doesn't introduce failures in the test suite and fixes the wrong
> trap generation.
> The broken and fixed tessellations are visible here (flip through
> the pages, note the last trap in the broken version):
> http://www.discontinuity.info/~rowan/broke-star.ps
> http://www.discontinuity.info/~rowan/fixed-star.ps
> Joonas

We don't use pixman, and your patch does make a difference through the
cairo API.


Thanks a lot for the fix :-)


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