[cairo] CMake

Alan W. Irwin irwin at beluga.phys.uvic.ca
Fri May 2 09:18:59 PDT 2008

Felix said:

"Let me propose something:

Instead of continuing the mutual bashing, somebody (Jason G?) goes to
repo.or.cz or wherever and branches cairo for working on the cmake-based
build system (if that hasn't happened yet), and in a few months or so we
can come back to this discussion and make more informed statements based
on two real-world build system implementations."

I completely agree. Clearly from this thread there is a lot of
misinformation about CMake out there. The best way to refute that
misinformation is to "show us the code".  In other words, get to work and
demonstrate a complete CMake-based working build (including all the
important configuration stuff for finding libraries, etc.) which everybody
can try to see how they like its flexibility, speed, and ability to build
for a wide variety of platforms. It appears Jason G. is already part way to
that goal already, and I encourage him to complete it.

Jason, I would be happy to share my fairly extensive CMake experience with
you off list if you need some "overview" kind of help with putting together
a complete CMake-based build system for cairo.  Note, I currently don't have
much experience with the cairo build or git which is why I am only currently
offering CMake overview help, but I am willing to learn more about the cairo
build and git if you want to proceed further.

Alan W. Irwin

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