[cairo] image scaling in cairo, python

Donn donn.ingle at gmail.com
Sun May 25 06:44:20 PDT 2008

> all i get to see in either case is just something like a
> 'scrap area' and various graphic elements lying around. 
Sorry about that. I did do a new version where (in tests) it opens on 
actual "page" (the drawing area) in Inkscape. If you get the new one, open it 
and then use the middle mouse button to drag the canvas downwards - the 
individual pages/slides are arranged down the screen, with related info to 
the right. Try the various zoom levels in Inkscape to get it to zoom out and 
show all the stuff on the canvas and then zoom in and drag around.

> it's very hard 
> to use, too: find it, download it, unpack it, start an application, then
> follow your words of advice how to use it. a jocular german words for
> this is 'verschrönkelt', translates as 'convölüte'.
Well, it's what it is. I had to pack it to keep all the related images 
together, no other way I could think to do it really.

> if you have things to tell about cairo, why not use plain html? 
I could not achieve the design I did in HTML. I could make pngs or jpgs 
available, but it seems moot because it's all there in Inkscape and people 
can make their own.

Oh, speaking of images... I just remembered another chap has started putting 
together some info that includes my diagrams:

Well, I hope you come right.

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