[cairo] image scaling in cairo, python

Wolfgang Lipp paragate at gmx.net
Sun May 25 08:26:31 PDT 2008

the pics at


are awesome! so that's what i am supposed to see in 

i'll definitely go through those graphics. already bookmarked them for 
delicio.us. big THX to you!

cheers & ~flow

Donn wrote:
>> all i get to see in either case is just something like a
>> 'scrap area' and various graphic elements lying around. 
> Sorry about that. I did do a new version where (in tests) it opens on 
> actual "page" (the drawing area) in Inkscape. If you get the new one, open it 
> and then use the middle mouse button to drag the canvas downwards - the 
> individual pages/slides are arranged down the screen, with related info to 
> the right. Try the various zoom levels in Inkscape to get it to zoom out and 
> show all the stuff on the canvas and then zoom in and drag around.
>> it's very hard 
>> to use, too: find it, download it, unpack it, start an application, then
>> follow your words of advice how to use it. a jocular german words for
>> this is 'verschrönkelt', translates as 'convölüte'.
> Well, it's what it is. I had to pack it to keep all the related images 
> together, no other way I could think to do it really.
>> if you have things to tell about cairo, why not use plain html? 
> I could not achieve the design I did in HTML. I could make pngs or jpgs 
> available, but it seems moot because it's all there in Inkscape and people 
> can make their own.
> Oh, speaking of images... I just remembered another chap has started putting 
> together some info that includes my diagrams:
> http://www.mslinn.com/index.jsp?sites/cairo/index.html
> Well, I hope you come right.
> \d
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