[cairo] Errors building Cairo and Pixman under Cygwin

John C. Turnbull ozemale at ozemail.com.au
Sat Apr 11 23:13:02 PDT 2009

> Also, the original poster should make clear to himself whether
> building cairo for Cygwin is really what he wants, or if he actually
> wants to build them for Windows? They are not the same thing. Cygwin
> and Windows code should not be mixed unless one knows exactly what one
> is doing.

I have a requirement to build an application that uses Cairo on Windows.
All I need is a Cairo DLL or similar that allows me to do this.  I am not
particularly interested in the internals of either Cairo, Pixman, PkgConfig
or Glib and would prefer not to have to build each one of them but will do
so if that's the only way to get the final Cairo DLL.

In the C world I started by wanting to build Cairo but quickly realised I
needed to build Pixman too only to find that Pixman depended on header files
and libraries that were never mentioned anywhere in the build instructions
and were not included in the distribution.  One of these was PkgConfig and
nowhere in the instructions to build this library did it specify that I
needed GLib header files and other libraries that again were not included in
the distribution.  It now seems that PkgConfig relies on elements of Glib
and Glib in turn relies on PkgConfig.  I am thoroughly confused.

Could someone please describe the exact steps needed to get a DLL for Cairo
on Windows mentioning all of the required dependencies and build
instructions?  I am quite prepared to walk the walk but I do need a hand in
establishing the correct path.



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