[cairo] Errors building Cairo and Pixman under Cygwin

John C. Turnbull ozemale at ozemail.com.au
Sun Apr 12 02:35:31 PDT 2009

Hi Tor,

> Well, have you tried one of the pre-built cairo DLLs that are
> available then? The one I build is available from
> http://www.gtk.org/download-windows.html , more specifically the
> current one is in
> http://ftp.gnome.org/pub/gnome/binaries/win32/dependencies/cairo_1.8.6-
> 1_win32.zip

I have downloaded this - thanks - but I have a couple of questions about it.

1. OK, so is this DLL *all* I need to use Cairo in my application?  That is,
are there any other DLLs or libraries that I will need too such as a Pixman
DLL, PkgConfig DLL or Glib DLL?
2. Why is there a "-2" suffix on the name of this DLL?  What does the 2



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