[cairo] Errors building Cairo and Pixman under Cygwin

Tor Lillqvist tml at iki.fi
Sun Apr 12 02:57:30 PDT 2009

> 1. OK, so is this DLL *all* I need to use Cairo in my application?

Check cairo-features.h. Especially note that FreeType font support is
optional, and not available in my build.

> That is, are there any other DLLs or libraries that I will need too such as a Pixman
> DLL, PkgConfig DLL or Glib DLL?

How hard is it to check with objdump -p or link -dump -imports, or
just attempt to build a dummy program that calls some cairo function
and see if it runs? You would see that libcairo-2.dll depends on
libpng12-0.dll and zlib1.dll in addition to normal system DLLs.

As I tried to explain, pkg-config is a tool used at build time only,
so there is no run-time dependency on it anywhere.

And cairo can not really depend on GLib as cairo is intended to be
usable also in software that has no relationship to GLib.

> 2. Why is there a "-2" suffix on the name of this DLL?  What does the 2 represent?

The same that the ".2" represents in the typical name of the cairo
shared library on Linux systems, libcairo.so.2. It is a libtool
versioning convention. If/when some future cairo version no longer is
binary compatible, its DLL name will have another number.


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