[cairo] Scrolling bitmaps with Cairo over GDK

Aliner linermedia at gmail.com
Sun Feb 1 14:03:03 PST 2009

There is a very good tutorial on building GTK widgets with cairo here:
Writing a Widget Using Cairo and GTK+2.8
Because of its simplicity is an excellent example.

Ken Resander wrote:
> I am in the process of moving away from Windows to Ubuntu 8.10 for
> personal and programming use. I have read the GDK documentation, but
> have no programming experience on GDK yet other than compiling and
> running tiny programs from tutorials. Also, I have never used Cairo,
> but have read overviews and tutorials. It looks nice.
> I intend to port about ten programs, most having simple GUIs and
> graphics that should map without much difficulty to GDK/GTK and Cairo
> as far as I can see.
> However, two applications need to scroll bitmaps in dialog
> controls/windows and also print them. The bitmaps are derived from
> images (jpeg, bmp etc) or rendering buffers generated by AGG 2.4.
> Windows with Win32 API does not support scrolling of bitmaps, so I had
> to do it myself by using bitblt and ScrollWindow functions on events.
> A bit fiddly, but in the end it worked reasonably well.
> How does Cairo + GDK help me scrolling and printing bitmaps? Hope it
> is more straightforward.
Glib has timer functions
you could use those. Personally, I'm using Alarms
> P.S. Would also be nice to have a print preview function. Tried coding
> this on Windows too, but could not get the zoom to work.
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